Surrogates & inert hardware

Inert ordnance replicas for EOD training or detector development

Drawing on our extensive hardware collection, Fenix Insight provide surrogate munitions to a wide range of organisations for training, research and development. Careful colour matching and intricate detail make them hard to distinguish from the original items.


Our range of high-fidelity surrogate munitions are highly accurate replicas of the most commonly found, minimum-metal content mines with:

  • External and internal structure, built from separate components and appropriate materials
  • Accurately replicated metallic components (to 0.02 g accuracy)
  • Explosive fillings replicated using microcrystalline wax

High-fidelity surrogates can be colour-matched to the original munitions or shaded for training purposes.


Our Standard and Advanced surrogate models are manufactured from tough polyurethane or epoxy resin, which is coloured to match the original item, or to the needs of the customer.

Standard and Advanced surrogates are often indistinguishable from the original items and may be customised with:

  • Precisely located and orientated metallic components for accurate detection
  • Microcystalline wax ‘explosive’ fillings
  • Metal plates/content to replicate the signature and weight of real items
  • ‘Active’ percussion caps to deliver realistic training *

* ‘Active surrogates’ normally use 12 bore shotgun percussion caps, which are cheap, readily available and produce a loud bang. The cap can be replaced in seconds and the mine re-used repeatedly.


Our new range of replaceable training fuzes addresses a key gap in the EOD training market and allows the real-life practice of techniques for which the destruction of ‘real’ hardware is undesirable!

Our highly-accurate range of fuzes are interchangeable and fit into a range of mortars and projectiles, whether real or surrogate. ‘Aged’ versions are also available for training recognition.


We are often able to source real (inert) items of hardware (according to availability), which we can make available for purchase or hire. Please contact us with your requirements