Who We Are

Founded by industry experts, Colin King and David Hewitson in 2011, Fenix Insight brings together many years’ experience in mine action, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and quality, environmental and safety management systems. We inform, advise and assist our clients from the broadest, top-level policy making, down to the most intimate technical detail, using evidence-based decision making and ISO principles to underpin all of our operations.

What We Do

  • Research & Advisory: Our unique combination of hands-on experience, industry knowledge and data gathering skills allow Fenix to provide objective, evidence-based insights allowing you to make well-informed decisions for your organisation.
  • Consulting: Use our unrivalled field experience and globally recognised ISO principles to reduce risk and deliver simple, effective solutions to complex issues both at home and abroad.
  • Training : We develop and deliver bespoke training on a range of subjects, from specific munition breakdown procedures to full accident investigation courses and quality management principles. We can deliver training at your organisation’s premises around the world, or at our on-site facility (with our exceptional ordnance collection) near Crawley, UK.
  • Reporting & Writing : Fenix Insight has vast experience in drafting, editing and producing guides and reports, from detailed munition standard operating procedures (SOPs) through to strategic guides and international Mine Action Standards.
  • Information Management : Fenix develops and uses a range of tools designed to analyse, understand and present information to end users. Our bespoke online database, Fenix Online, offers subscribers access to Fenix’s unique collection of data, documentation and images relating to a wide range of munitions and associated events.
  • Specialist Products : We use our extensive collection of inert mines, cluster munitions and other recovered ordnance for training, production of new imagery and for the manufacture of accurate mine surrogates for use in research, development or detection training. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Fenix Insight work around the world, providing technical support and consultancy to governments, military, NGOs, Mine Action groups and commercial organisations in conflict and post-conflict zones.


  • Mine Action
  • Defence & Security
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Information
  • Media
  • Mining