International Mine Action Standards (IMAS)

Summary: Drafting International Mine Action Standards
Client: GICHD, on behalf of UNMAS
Dates: 2012 – present

  • IMAS 07.11 Land Release
  • IMAS 07.12 Quality Management in Mine Action
  • IMAS 07.14 Risk Management in Mine Action
  • IMAS 07.40 Monitoring of Mine Action Organisations
  • IMAS 08.10 Non-Technical Survey
  • IMAS 08.20 Technical Survey

David Hewitson, Fenix Director of Operations, has drafted a number of the most significant recent changes to IMAS, in some cases updating existing standards, in others writing them from scratch.  Working closely with the IMAS secretariat at GICHD, and the chair of the IMAS Review Board from UNMAS, initial drafts are considered by the Review Board, sometimes on the basis of a presentation by the drafter, before adjustments are agreed and incorporated into final versions. 

Fenix team members have also been involved in the outreach programmes associated with development of the different IMAS – particularly in relation to quality management in mine action, with regional training workshops in a number of countries over several years, and most recently for the standard on risk management.