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Understanding and managing the consequences of explosive ordnance


Delivering direct advice and assistance with all aspects of explosive ordnance management


Teaching, mentoring and training to enable safe and efficient management of explosive ordnance


Delivering assurance, conducting investigations and management of risk in all aspects of explosive ordnance


Developing and using innovative solutions to analyse, understand and present information to end users

We have exceptional knowledge and experience and we’re always acquiring more.   We use that knowledge to inform, advise and assist clients at every level, ranging from policy-making to intimate technical detail.


A revolutionary online system putting explosive ordnance into social, political and geographic context.
We use the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to identify global trends in munition reporting, combined with the in-house expertise and technical knowledge of the Fenix Insight Team to bring you relevant, detailed information on specific munition or country threats to your organisation or personnel.

Fenix Insight would like to assure our clients and partners that we are operating business as usual (although all staff are now working remotely).

The recent Coronavirus pandemic does not mean that human interactions with explosive ordnance have stopped. We continue to gather data on a global basis, analysing it and making it available to operational mine action agencies and policymakers through our online systems.

Ukraine munition-related events since 1 January 2020
(from Fenix Online - https://fenix-insight.online/humanitarian)

We are also now working closely with our health research friends at Kings College London (KCL) to look at ways our sophisticated, flexible and responsive AI and machine-learning analytical system can be refocused to support their efforts to understand and fight COVID-19.