Originally developed for the UK MOD, Fenix mine surrogates are accurately moulded from real mines in a resilient epoxy resin. Colours are matched to the original, or may be specified by the customer, with the pigment incorporated into the resin matrix so that it will never scratch off. Unless otherwise specified, all surrogates have a metallic content representative of the real mine so that they can be used for detection training. Other features, such as replicated internal components and inert explosive substitutes, are also available on request. The surrogates contain no real parts or energetic components; they can be shipped by air and require no licence.

Low-cost generic surrogates are also available for destructive testing. These use a wax-filled plastic casing representative of the Yugoslav PMA-2 mine, and can be fitted with an inert fuze, which is capable of registering actuation.

For realistic training, Fenix offers surrogate mines capable of firing shotgun primers. These primers are cheap, readily available, and make a loud report while generating relatively little power. The mines are inert when shipped; loading and reloading takes a matter of seconds and can be repeated indefinitely.