Work within Fenix is based on an intimate knowledge of ordnance design, acquired over many years of global operational and intelligence work. This knowledge is constantly augmented by both academic and practical research, which is undertaken in support of Fenix programmes or during operations.

The entries in Jane’s publications – acknowledged as the leading source of unclassified technical intelligence – summarise the characteristics of thousands of munitions. Behind many of these records is a raft of additional knowledge, often acquired during the actual disassembly and characterisation (known as ‘exploitation’) of live weapons.

The effects of ageing are becoming increasingly significant as the problems of unexploded, abandoned and stockpiled ammunition are addressed. Fenix undertook a 3-year study into the effects of ageing on landmines and pays particularly close attention to this issue as additional ordnance is encountered.

The accumulated technical knowledge within Fenix is a valuable resource, fundamental to our work.