PTAB-2.5M and ZAB-2.5 Demolition – Peru 2018

This video footage was captured during Fenix’s most recent deployment to Peru earlier this month; it shows the demolition of various submunitions, including the PTAB-2.5M and ZAB-2.5. This work is part of the national cluster bomb stockpile destruction programme in Peru.

The clip shows the burning of thermite from ZAB incendiary submunitions, and the high explosive in the PTAB-2.5M submunition warheads. The small explosion on the left is a napalm container bursting. Burning explosives, rather than detonating them, is often a safer and more environmentally-friendly option, when industrial demilitarisation facilities are unavailable.

Fenix has worked successfully with the NPA and FAP in Peru throughout this cluster munition destruction project, and look forward to future trips to the region.