Peru – June 2018 Redeployment

Following their earlier deployment to Lima and Chiclayo in April, the Fenix team are now returning from their most recent trip to Peru, where they have been continuing to work with Norwegian People’s Aid – Humanitarian Disarmament (NPA) and the Fuerza Aérea del Perú (FAP) on the national cluster munition demilitarization project.

Cluster Munition Clearance and Disposal in Peru

Cluster munition stockpile disposal in Peru is a goal for the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence. Since September 2014, Peru has been working with Norwegian People’s Aid to verify the type and quantities of stockpiled cluster munitions in preparation for clearance and disposal operations. Successful demilitarization operations have already taken place at Puntos Lobos, Lima and future work is planned for Chiclayo and other locationsin support of the FAP. All this work is aimed at supporting Peru in reaching its targets under the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

Munition stockpiles can pose an equal or greater risk to the civilian population when compared to abandoned UXOs and landmines. In many parts of the world, stockpiles are located within several hundred metres of towns and villages; therefore if an accident were to occur at a stockpile location, the risk of causalities can be significant.

Fenix has worked extensively with NPA and FAP throughout this demilitarization operation. This latest deployment is a continuation of the productive coalition of the teams and their respective skills. 

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