Mine Extraction and MDDs in Columbia

Fenix are working with a number of agencies in Colombia to extract, disassemble and study the improvised mines used there.  This includes working with the former members of FARC who originally constructed and laid these devices.

These images were taken in the dense jungle and mountain minefields of Antioquia, Northwest Columbia; which are currently being cleared by NPA teams.  The mines here are undetectable using electronic locators, so Mine Detection Dogs (MDD) are being used.  The dogs were originally trained by Norwegians, and the Spanish-speaking Colombian handlers have to learn the Norwegian commands for the dogs to understand!

Fenix has already modelled the syringe-activated improvised mine and is working with government research facilities to evolve an explosive testing protocol.

Many minefields are at an altitude of 10000 feet




Female NPA handler and MDD

Steep and densely vegetated terrain in minefield

Improvised mine in position