Fenix Online

Fenix develops and uses a range of tools designed to analyse, understand and present information to end users.

Introducing Fenix Online from Fenix Insight on Vimeo.

Fenix-Insight.Online brings together the wealth of accumulated global knowledge from Fenix Insight, into a powerful web-based platform consisting of over 2,600 munitions and supported by over 12,000 unique images, 600 original documents, event records and much more. New data and existing record updates are entered on a near-daily basis, and the platform is being constantly refined and improved, with many new innovative features planned to make it truly groundbreaking in its field.

The platform is designed to go beyond a standard recognition or catalogue tool by enabling users to find not only technical munition data, but also see associated images and original (pdf) documentation; learn more about related munitions; which other items could be found in a country; contain certain explosive filling materials; are produced by a named manufacture; are related to specific conflicts or have been linked to unique events.

The database is currently in Beta stage whilst we add some significant new features and continue to add data, but we anticipate a soft launch during Summer 2018.

Please contact us for further information.

Major Features:

  • Thousands of unique munition records
  • 12,000+ images and diagrams
  • 750+ pdf documents (including manuals and sales brochures etc)
  • Cyrillic or Latin search with built-in keyboards
  • Updated on a daily basis