Fenix is owned and managed by David Hewitson and Colin King, amalgamating over 40 years’ combined experience in mine action, explosive ordnance disposal and quality, environmental and safety management systems.

We are in the unique position of being able to consider projects from the broadest, top-level policy making, down to the most intimate technical detail; using evidence-based decision making and ISO principles to underpin all of our operations.

Basic principles of quality management are at the heart of all Fenix’s work: understanding the needs of the client; agreeing policies, objectives and targets; planning work; identifying any training needs; delivering training; executing work; monitoring and evaluating performance; reviewing performance; taking action to address problems and to respond to all opportunities for improvement.

Fenix has unrivalled experience of helping other organisations develop similar approaches, founded on simple, readily understandable principles and tools, in national authorities and mine action centres, commercial organisations and NGOs around the world.

Our Core Team is based at our Head Office near Crawley, Sussex.