Our core business is understanding and managing the consequences of explosive ordnance across the world.   

We have exceptional knowledge and experience and we’re always acquiring more.   We use that knowledge to inform, advise and assist clients at every level, ranging from policy-making to intimate technical detail.



Strategic and Policy-level Advice

Fenix is unique in its approach to integrating knowledge from the most detailed technical level to the highest national policy and strategy level.  Fenix provides direct input to national level strategic planning processes, running planning workshops, facilitating strategic planning processes and drafting text when necessary.  Fenix also provides advice to national authorities when developing policies in response to ERW contamination problems.

Information Management

Fenix develops and uses a range of tools designed to analyse, understand and present information to end users. Our bespoke online database offers subscribers access to Fenix’s unique collection of data, documentation and images relating to a wide range of munitions including cluster munitions, landmines, air dropped, naval and land service ammunition.  Learn more…

Quality, Safety & Environmental MANAGEMENT

Fenix develops and undertakes a wide range of quality, safety and environmental management work in both office and site-based environments. We use formal certified systems and support international partners through development of complete management systems and drafting industry standards


Our work is based on an intimate knowledge of ordnance design. We undertake disassembly of live ammunition allowing for potential deliverables including ammunition stockpile destruction programs, production of training aids, detailed technical reports and countermeasure development


Fenix has an extensive collection of inert mines, cluster munitions and other recovered ordnance. Pieces are used for training, analysis and production of new imagery. Our dedicated workshop allows the manufacture of accurate mine surrogates for use in research, development or detection training


Fenix provides targeted technical, training and advisory support to a wide range of countries.

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